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Knaap Bikes - Space Grey Edition

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    Top Speed 15.5mph / 25kmph
    Charge Time 4 - 6 Hours 
    Range Up To 140KM / 85 Miles


    A Tough urban bike built for those seeking adventure on the open road.  The Knaap Bike is revolutionising rides and standing out on the roads with its unique combination of e-bike features and cool-as-hell design making it a high roller in both spec and style. 

    Product Information

    • STYLE: Tough urban design makes this bike stand out on the road. Complete with an extra-long seat-base, 20” wheels, tough Aluminum frame, powerful 1200 lumen LED headlight and LCD illuminated display, this e-bike is a head turner and conversation starter whenever it hits the road.
    • HIGH PROFILE FANS: The Knaap Bike AMS has amassed an impressive “Who’s-who?” list of fans including leading sports stars, influencers and high-profile names worldwide, making it easy to see why it’s being billed as THE bike to be seen on.
    • 36V 21Ah SAMSUNG BATTERY: Easy to plug and charge battery giving you the freedom and peace of mind to enjoy an impressive assisted distance of up to 140 km on a full charge. Full battery charge time 4-6 hours.
    • SHIMANO SEVEN SPEED GEAR SHIFT: Enabling you to glide through gear changes with comfort and ease.
    • REAR BAFANG MOTOR: One of the world’s leading e-bike motors that ensures a quiet but powerful ride of up to 25 km/h with five levels of power assist.
    • TWO-SEATER SEAT BASE: A unique long seat base providing enough room for two adult passengers. 
    • KNAAP HYDRAULIC BRAKE SYSTEM: Top of the range brake system keeping your reflexes sharp and safe whilst out riding.
    • A BIKE FOR ALL: Unisex bike suitable for male and female adults.
    • EASY HOME ASSEMBLY: Every Bike is delivered with a user manual including easy-to-build-at-home instructions (including a link to online guide), bike registration and warranty.


    All purchases of KNAAP Bikes come with a FREE GIFT (worth £99!)

    Let us know using the order notes what colour Litelok One Flexi-O you would like with your purchase! 


    Full Specification

    • 36V 21Ah Samsung battery which supports an impressive assisted distance of up to 140 km
    • Shimano Seven-speed gear shift
    • Knaap Hydraulic Brake System
    • Two-seater seat base
    • Illuminated LCD display
    • Powerful 1200 lumen LED headlight
    • 25 km/hour 250w Bafang motor to fall in line with e-bike road regulations
    • Zero Emissions
    • Wheel diameter: 20”
    • Seat height: 83cm, adjustable with adjustable seat height accessory. Up to 10-15 cm higher
    • Handlebar length: 68cm
    • Size of the package: 147 * 25 * 88cm
    • Bike weight: about 28 kg
    • Load capacity: 180kg
    • Maximum speed: 25 km/h
    • Mileage: 140 km

    Delivery Information

    We aim to deliver your Knaap Bike within 1-3 working days. 


    The bike comes with a 2-year warranty (battery, frame, control system, motor and display). Wearable parts such as tyres, brakes and accident repairs are not included under the warranty.


    Can you ride this bike in the rain?

    As a Dutch product, we are well aware of rain. Therefore, we made the Knaap Bikes fully rain sustainable!

    What is the passenger's weight limit?

    The weight limit is 180kg and can seat two adults.

    Does it come with a battery?

    The Knaap Bikes AMS comes with a 21 AH Samsung lithium-ion battery

    Does it have to be charged before the first ride?

    Knaap Bikes AMS come with a battery charged to around 50%. So ride it empty the first time and then do a full charge after.

    Is the battery removable for charging?

    Yes, the Knaap Bikes AMS Samsung battery is removable.

    How far can you travel on one charge?

    Depending on the electrical motor gear you use, you can ride up to 140 km (position 1). When in power position 5 (fastest gear) you will be able to ride up to 60 km per charge.

    Does it have a rear light?

    Yes, the Knaap Bikes has a rear light integrated into the battery keeping you safe and visible whilst out on the bike.

    Can the saddle be adjusted?

    Not on the standard version. However, we do have an accessory that can be purchased at an extra charge that enables the saddle to be adjusted.

    What is the height of the crossbar at its lowest?

    The lowest height will be 112cm

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