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Yawboard All-Terrain (2 x 170Kv Motors)

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    Top Speed 18.5mph / 35kmph
    Charge Time 4 - 5 Hours
    Range Up To 20 Miles / 32KM

    The YAWBOARD All-Terrain is the ultimate mode of electric transport. With lean-steering style and the power to get you up any hill, this board is the perfect tool for commuting or riding for fun.

    The handle adds the safety that e-skates don't have and its unrivalled manoeuvrability lets you avoid danger when needed. Designed and built with the highest quality components, it is built to last and to get you where you need to be in the most enjoyable way possible.

    2 Products for the price of 1 

    That's right, you get an electric scooter and a skateboard.

    By removing the handle you can easily transition from a commuter-friendly vehicle to a carving e-skate to suit your mood.

    The handle gives novice riders the perfect transition into e-skating and more proficient riders the ability to carve harder with more control and safety.

    The 5 core principals in a Yawboard

    • Fun to ride: The only scooter style vehicle with a snowboard style ride, with double kingpin trucks to give amazing agility and response through every turn. The All-Terrain wheels allow you to carve on the streets, fields and dirt tracks, there is no other vehicle like it.
    • Epic Power: With 2 x belt-driven brushless motors with a maximum power output of 3000W, accelerating off the mark and flying up hills is a breeze. Three-speed mode options mean you can increase the torque and top speed as you improve your skill level.
    • Reliability: Using only the best quality components, this board really is All-Terrain. A combination of bamboo and fibreglass drop-deck, aluminium forged trucks, ceramic bearings and a heat-treated handle gives you all the reliability you expect. All boards come with a free 1-year warranty.
    • Safety: The side on riding position allows the rider to easily look behind to be aware of all dangers on the road, something not possible riding in the ‘scooter’ position. The ESC is programmed for ultra-smooth acceleration and braking and with 2 x regenerative breaks to slow you down, you’re in full control. Additional balance and responsiveness come with using the handle and the 7” pneumatic tyres will fly over bumps and small obstacles in the road.
    • Long Range: With a range of up to 20 miles, the Yawboard is perfect for any journey.


    The Full Spec

    • DECK: Fiberglass, Bamboo and Canadian Maple drop deck
    • DECK LENGTH: 39 Inches / 990 mm
    • BATTERY: 14AH Sanyo GA Lithium Battery
    • MOTORS: 2 x 170Kv Brushless Belt Drive Motors
    • ESC: Customized with sensor for smooth braking & acceleration
    • REMOTE: Ergonomic Remote with 3 Speed Modes
    • BRAKING: 2 x Regenerative Brakes
    • TRUCKS: Forged 12” / 306mm carving Double King Pin
    • WHEELS: 7” / 175mm pneumatic wheels. Also compatible with 120mm Cloudwheels
    • SUITABLE TERRAIN: Any terrain - short grass, dirt tracks, roads & footpaths
    • BEARINGS: ABEC-7 Ceramic Bearings (water & dust proof)
    • RECHARGE: Board battery 4-5 hours
    • TOP SPEED: Up to 22mph / 35kph. Speed will reduce as voltage decreases.

    What's in the box?

    Alongside your Yawboard, you'll get:

    • A fast charger
    • Digital display remote
    • Spare belts
    • Skate tool


    • All boards come with a free 1-year warranty.
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